Note that General Orders are to be read at a regular meeting and filed with Post records. This information is for all members. Click the General Order title to download.

 General Order 1  
 July 2019 - Officers and Appointments. District officers proof of eligibility, COA and other information. Includes a Programs update for the new year. (PDF)
 General Order 2  
August 2019 - Congratulations to Past State Commander Tony Dobbins All-American and Triple Crown Recipient, Officers and Appointments. Instituted a new Post, Georgia Leadership Training (GLT), State Commander's Special Project,  Department By-Laws Changes, Programs update for the new year. (PDF)
 General Order 3 
September 2019 - (PDF)
 General Order 4 
October 2019 - Commander's Challenge, Patriot's Pen, Voice of Democracy, Teacher... (PDF)
 General Order 5 
November 2019 - General Orders must be read at meetings, Life Member incentive, Show up at State Capitol on 11/5, plus more... (PDF)
 General Order 6 
December 2019 - General Orders must be read at meetings, Statement on Harassment/Discrimination, Life Membership incentive, plus more... (PDF)
 General Order 7 
January 2020 - Happy New Year (PDF)