State Officers

President Dawn LeMay
Sr Vice President Dixie Norris
Jr Vice President Bren Bragg
Secretary/Treasurer Dianne Tiller
Chaplain Cara Jackson
Conductress Kimberly A Lewis
Guard Pat Dobbins
Chief of Staff Beth Epps


Working Together for Veterans and Families


American Vet Dogs

VFW Auxiliary Department Of Georgia
2019-2020 President Program Book

To View And Download President LeMay's Program Book ( Click Here )
Life-Changing Help at No Cost
Thanks to funding from our generous partners, Emory Healthcare Veterans Program offers care at no cost to eligible post-9/11 Veterans. Travel, lodging and meals are also provided at no cost to program participants. See our treatment and services page for eligibility criteria.

VFW Auxiliary Eligibility

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Social Media
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Auxiliary Legislative Handbook - Dept of Georgia VFW Auxiliary's 2018 Legislative Handbook (PDF) Coming Soon !