Dream Flights

Commander's Special Project

Your donation is used for military veterans’ of WWII flights.
Post Relief funds can be used for this donation. 
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Multiple donations are allowed. 
Dream Flights is dedicated to honoring military veterans and seniors with the adventure of a lifetime: a flight in a Boeing Stearman biplane. As we make these heros wishes come true, our Dream Flights inspire them to share their stories. We collect, preserve and share those stories of how they survived through times of great strife to remind us of our shared humanity, our connection to each other and the value of listening. Our Dream Flights close the generation gap and open us up to a clearer understanding of ourselves and our world.

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If you want to donate by credit card, please call 478-474-3737 between 9 AM & 4 PM, Mon-Thurs
Commander's Project Donation Form 2021-2022 : Dream Flights