August 24, 2022 Update

PURPOSEThe purpose of the plan is to grow VFW Life Membership in the Department of Georgia. At the end of the 2021-2022 membership year, the Department of Georgia had just 69.63% Life Membership. The goal is to grow Georgia VFW Life membership and to stimulate conversations and focus on Life Membership. We hope this will renew the focus of VFW Life Membership and making sure we continue to do good work in local Georgia communities.

SETUPWe have set aside $50,000 to assist with Life Memberships for Georgia VFW members. On average, this should allow the Georgia VFW to assist in converting at least 250 members to Life Membership this year.

WHENThe program starts on September 1, 2022 and run for the remainder of the 2022-23 year or until funds are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Posts will be limited to 5 members until October 15, 2022. At that time there will be no limitation on the number of conversions per Post.

HOW    Any annual member may working with their Post Quartermaster send the amount below (basically about half) of the money required for Life membership to State HQ by check or call Department HQ and charge the amount (plus a 3% processing fee). The Department will not advance any funds nor order any membership until it has the members half in hand. We must have the member’s membership number submitted on the check or with the payment.

                                Age as of Dec 31                Dues      Submit This         Dept Pays

                                18-30 Years Old                   $425       $215                       $210

                                31-40 Years Old                   $410       $205                       $205

                                41-50 Years Old                   $375       $190                       $185

                                51-60 Years Old                   $335       $170                       $165

                                61-70 Years Old                   $290       $145                       $145

                                71-80 Years Old                   $225       $115                       $110

                                81 Years and Older             $170       $85                         $85
NOTESOrders will be processed as they are received and the judgement of the Department QM is final. We will make every effort to process orders as soon as we receive them.
Mail checks to:Georgia VFWPut "Life Member Program” and
PO Box 3025the membership # in the memo
Macon GA 31205
For credit card orders, call 478-474-3737 M-Th between 9:00 AM & 3:00 PM
If less than the required amount is sent in (see "Submit This” above), the order will not be processed until the balance is received.
This offer is not available for Auxiliary memberships.
This offer is not available for Legacy Life memberships.
The QM will provide a list of those members whose conversions processed under the Members Only section of the GeorgiaVFW.org website.
Posts are reminded that any expenditure of Post funds towards this program MUST be voted on by the Post membership before it is expensed.
In the case where members want to pay in cash we recommend they pay the Post and the Post pay the Department. Do not send cash through the mail.
There will be no reimbursement to any individual or Post for money already expended. Do not promise any member or prospect that they will get refunded half their membership money if they join as a Life Member or convert outside of this program.
There are 93 Posts in the Georgia VFW. 93 * 5 is 465. It is possible that all Posts may not get to convert 5 members before the program runs out. Please remember that when the money is gone, the program is over. If you have members interested in this program, encourage them to submit as soon as the program starts.
Any members not part of the Department of Georgia will not be processed.
There is no guarantee that this program will be repeated after this year.
If any member decides to convert to life and pay the full amount. The member can do so on VFW.org or talk to the Post QM. The same goes for the Life Member Installment Program. 
We encourage all Annual members to consider Life Membership.
We encourage all Posts that are fiscally able, to look for creative (legal) methods for helping your members convert to Life Membership