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VOD/PP Award Winners

Congratulations to the Posts that had winners and all Posts that participated in these Core Programs. When the results of the Teacher and Public Safety are made available, I will let you know those winners as well.

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day message from the State Commander. Georgia Stands TALL!

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Happy National VFW Day!

WASHINGTON - Sept. 29 is National Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Day, celebrating one of the largest and most established organiza...

VFW Calls on Sen. Tommy Tuberville to Lift Hold on Military Promotions



Join us as brothers and sisters of America to preserve the rights of veterans and support each other as only those who share in the camaraderie forged by conflict can. 


Sponsor - Baird, Mandalas, Brockstedt, Frederico & Cardea

If you resided, worked, or were otherwise exposed (including in utero) to the toxic water at Camp Lejeune for 30 days or more, between the dates of August 1, 1953-December 31, 1987, and have been diagnosed with a serious illness or condition, you may be eligible for compensation from the VA and under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. You can, and should, pursue both lanes. To do so please:
  1. Contact the Georgia VFW Department Service Officer Belinda Boldoe at (404) 929-5345 or via email at Belinda.Boldoe@va.gov; and
  2. Contact the VFW entrusted law firm of Baird Mandalas Brockstedt Federico & Cardea (BMBFC). They have the best interests of our veterans and their families at heart and have set their contingency fee at 25%, with no out-of-pocket costs or fees. Ever. You may learn more and contact them via their website: www.CampLejeuneGroundwater.com/VFW or call them at (443) 256-4994.