Jackie Nelson Davis

Life Member of Post 2667 - Army

Martin L Thomas Sr.

VFW Post 8385 Member - Navy

William "RIP " Collins

Past Post Commander Of VFW Post 6605 - Air Force

Jimmy Lewis Holland

VFW Post 6605 Past Chaplain - Air Force

Frederic Marlin Sieg

Life Member of VFW Post 665 and Scoutmaster Troop - Army

Milton Keene

Past Post Commander 6445 and Dist 4 - Army

Thomas Talmage Skelton

Past Post Commander Post 7720 - Air Force

Marcus J Render

VFW Post 8480 Member - Navy

Alvin Mays

Life Member of VFW Post 649 - Army

James L Yeomans

Past Commander of VFW Post 4583 - Air Force

Michael Geary

Post Commander Of VFW Post 5976 - Army

Maurice Sidney Moses

VFW Post 3679 Member - Army

James Jim Davis Varnon

VFW Post 3679 Member - Navy

Charlie Paul Taylor

VFW Post 12110 - Marines

Curtis Dyer

VFW Post 8385 Annual Member - Navy

David A. Hogan

Life Member Of VFW Post 8385 - Coast Guard

Charles Norton, Sr.

Life Member Of VFW Post 6077 -

John Gantz

Life Member VFW Post 8385 - Navy

Freeman Finkel

VFW Post 8385 Legacy Life Member - Navy

Douglas Robinson Gray

Past VFW Post 9949 Quartermaster - Army

Benjamin Edward Chunn

VFW Post 1777 Life member - Army

Kenneth Frederick Bohan

VFW Post 9143 Life Member - Navy

William Alvin Shivers

Past Post Commander VFW Post 5448 - Army

Ralph Edward Meier

Life Member VFW Post 8385 - Navy

Donald W. Archer Sr.

Life Member VFW Post 8385 - Army

Keith Savage

VFW Post 8385 Member - Army

James Williams

VFW Post 3679 Quartermaster - Marines

James J. Hollingsworth

Life Member Of Post 649 - Marines

William Calvert Sandberg

Past State Commander - Army

Robert Neil Iseli

Post Chaplain VFW Post 9143 - Army

Thomas Lee Clark

Life Member VFW Post 3650 - Army

Richard L. Knight

Past Dept Sr Vice Commander, Post 9143 - Navy

David Lamar Mealor

Charter Member, Post 2667 - Army

Robert S. Ward

Life Member of VFW Post 5080 - Army

Louis F. Wojtysiak Jr.

Life Member Of VFW Post 9143 - Army

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